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Underride Accidents

Underride accidents are potentially devastating traffic incidents that can cause severe injuries, as a car may drive underneath the bottom of the trailer and become trapped under the 18-wheeler or semi truck. During these types of truck accidents, the impact of the collision primarily affects the car’s upper frame and windshield, not the front of the vehicle. Considering that virtually all safety features for frontal collisions are focused below the windshield, there are few protections for the motorists involved in these accidents, putting them at risk of serious injuries including brain trauma and spinal cord damage.

Safety Features to Prevent Underride Accidents

There are certain mandatory and optional safety devices that should be used by truck drivers to reduce the possibility of either a rear or side underride accident from occurring. These safety features include the following:

  • Mandatory use of reflective tape across the side and rear of the trailer
  • Mandatory installation of a rear underride guard bar
  • Optional use of lights across the side and rear of the trailer

These features are meant to reduce the likelihood of side underride accidents by increasing truck visibility, which is especially important when trucks are crossing lanes of traffic at night. They also help prevent rear underride accidents by diverting the impact of the collision to the front of the car rather than the windshield thanks to the placement of an underride guard bar.

For More Information

An underride accident may leave you or someone you love with immense financial burdens from medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, and lost wages. In these situations, it is natural to have questions or concerns about the legal options that may be available to help you handle these problems. To learn more about the steps you should take, fill out the contact form at the top of this page.