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Overloaded Trailer Accidents

Although 18-wheelers and semi trucks can haul enormous amounts of cargo, it is important that their trailers are only loaded to a safe amount. Overloading a truck’s trailer can potentially have catastrophic consequences, as the excess weight may result in considerable control issues for the truck’s driver. If a driver cannot fully control his or her vehicle, it can lead to devastating truck accidents.

The Hazards of Overloading Trailers

The federal government has regulations in place that limit the amount of cargo a truck can carry. A fully-loaded semi truck or 18-wheeler cannot exceed more than 80,000 pounds according to these limitations. However, some truck drivers and trucking companies choose to ignore this important law, possibly leading to the following dangers:

  • Inability to slow or stop in time to react to changing road conditions, traffic, and emergencies
  • Damage to an axle, wheels, or tires
  • Difficulty maneuvering the truck in an emergency situation
  • Hitch or connection failures due to excess stress

Truck drivers and their employers must work to protect everyone on the road by adhering to federal trucking regulations as well as general traffic laws. Failure to do so can place innocent motorists and their passengers at risk of severe truck accidents.

Learn More About Your Options

If a motorist is injured due to these or other hazards associated with overloaded trailers, he or she may be entitled to secure financial compensation from the negligent truck driver or trucking company at fault for the incident. To learn more about the rights and options you may have after a truck accident, please fill out the contact form at the top of this page today.