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Trucking Regulations

The commercial trucking industry is regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This administration provides regulations for the driver, trucking company, and also the vehicle itself. Additionally, Texas state law also has certain laws and mandates that apply to commercial trucking, adding further intricacy and complexity to the governance of this industry.

Trucking regulations exist to not only help the truck driver, but also other motorists that share the road with these big rig trucks. While there are other regulations regarding the trucks themselves and for the trucking companies, most trucking regulations concern the driver. From regulating the number of hours these drivers can spend behind the wheel to testing for drug and alcohol use, commercial vehicle drivers are required to meet all federal and state regulations at all times.

Types of Regulations

Trucking regulations not only impact the driver. They can also affect the trucking companies and how they hire new drivers and even maintain trucks and trailers. Some of the most important regulations that affect the trucking industry include the following:

  • Hours of Service Regulations – These state how long a commercial vehicle driver can drive and work over the course of a day and week.
  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) – Before a person can operate a commercial vehicle, he or she must obtain a CDL, which has its own set of requirements.
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing – Drivers with a CDL are subject to controlled substance and alcohol testing before being hired, after an accident, due to suspicious behavior, and even randomly.

The federal and state regulations that truckers and their companies are required to follow are quite complicated. As such, it’s common for people to have questions regarding how these laws may impact them, particularly if they were in an accident with a truck. If you have been injured in a truck accident and are wondering how trucking regulations could affect the legal options available to you, fill out the form at the top of this page.