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Trucking Company Responsibilities

When it comes to commercial truck safety, truck drivers are not the only people held to a specific set of rules, regulations, and responsibilities. Trucking companies also have a number of responsibilities they are expected to abide by at all times. Both state and federal laws regulate how trucking companies operate, providing fairly strict guidelines regarding a number of their responsibilities, such as the state of their trucks and the drivers they hire.

Understanding Trucking Company Regulations

In order to make sure both the drivers of large trucks and the motorists they encounter on the road are as safe as possible, state and federal laws have strict mandates that trucking companies must follow. Specifically, Texas law requires trucking companies to abide by the following regulations and responsibilities:

  • Responsible for supervising all drivers at all times
  • Making sure drivers’ logs and DVIRs are accurate
  • Being knowledgeable about all regulations and requiring drivers to observe and obey such rules and regulations at all times. In the event that the motor carrier is a driver, the driver must also comply with the rules.
  • Never “aid, abet, encourage, or require,” drivers to violate any rule or safety regulations. This typically deals with trucking companies requiring drivers to violate hours of service regulations or knowing a driver violated hours of service regulations and doing nothing to discipline them.
  • Making sure all vehicles and equipment are properly maintained at all times
  • Responsibly hiring drivers who meet all requirements, such as having a commercial driver’s license and passing all drug and alcohol tests

When trucking companies fail to live up to these responsibilities, they are knowingly putting innocent lives at risk. When accidents do occur, a victim may be severely harmed, causing them to seek both medical and legal help. If you have questions regarding where to find such help after a truck accident, fill out the contact form at the top of this page and someone will get back to you quickly.