Using excessive speeds in any vehicle is dangerous, which is why posted speed limit signs mark the maximum speeds that a vehicle should travel. In addition to these posted speed limits, semi-trucks are usually limited to an even slower speed, as these vehicles are more difficult to control and can cause much greater damage.

Unfortunately, sometimes drivers of 18-wheeler vehicles travel at high speeds despite the danger, resulting in serious car accidents that involve innocent people like you in injury and exorbitant expenses. However, as speeding is typically considered a reckless driving action, these drivers can usually be held accountable for any repercussions in a truck accident lawsuit.

Speeding and Truck Accidents

Driving at high speeds in a commercial 18-wheeler can be more dangerous than in other vehicles for a number of reasons, including:

  • Loss of vehicular control
  • Skidding / hydroplaning
  • Inability to make sharp turns
  • Inability to stop at a red light
  • Decreased visibility
  • Decreased ability to react to sudden changes

All of these dangers make the likelihood of a truck accident much greater. Sadly, many people find themselves dealing with significant injuries and medical bills as a result of this act of negligence.

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Victims of reckless truck drivers that choose to speed are sometimes due compensation for their injuries and the losses they have incurred. To learn more about your rights as a motorist and victim in such an accident, explore this site further or fill out the contact form at the top of the page to get in touch with a professional who can help you.