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Improper Turn

Truck drivers need to have a clear understanding of the difference between an improper turn and a safe one. Improper turns are extremely dangerous for other motorists sharing the road with a truck driver. Without sufficient warning or in situations where truck drivers should never attempt a particular turn, these motorists may be caught in collisions that can lead to very serious injuries.

Injuries caused by truck accidents are often severe, limiting a person both physically and financially. While overcoming such injuries can be difficult, this process can often be made easier by filing a car accident claim against the truck driver who made the improper turn.

The Hazards of an Improper Turn

Truck drivers who don’t turn properly on roads can not only put themselves at risk, but may seriously endanger the health and safety of all others around them. The following safety issues may arise because of an improper turn:

  • If a turn is too sharp, a truck driver may risk rolling over their trailer
  • Illegal turns increase the risk of colliding with other motorists on the road
  • Making a wide turn into an occupied lane of traffic may lead to a collision
  • Turning into an intersection without looking for oncoming traffic may result in a collision

Motorists or pedestrians injured because of a truck driver’s negligence in turning may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit against that truck driver for causing the truck accident. If successful, these claims may provide financial compensation for a wide range of accident-related expenses.

Learn More about Improper Turn Accidents

If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck accident caused by an improper turn, it may be possible for you to pursue financial compensation from the responsible truck driver. For more information about what to expect if you decide to file a claim, please fill out the contact form at the top of this page.