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Distracted Driving

Truck drivers have a basic responsibility to stay focused on the road whenever they are behind the wheel. Operating an 18-wheeler or semi truck requires a driver’s full attention, even if the person has years of experience driving these large, powerful vehicles. Any attempted multitasking while driving can prove dangerous for both truck drivers and other motorists on the road. Should a truck driver cause an accident because of these distractions, he or she may be held accountable for the resulting injuries.

Common Sources of Truck Driver Distraction

Distracted driving is widely recognized as negligent, unsafe behavior, and accidents caused by this recklessness are entirely avoidable. Unfortunately, however, not all truck drivers are able to rid themselves of distracting behaviors or devices while behind the wheel. The following are common causes of distracted driving accidents:

  • Reading
  • Talking on the phone
  • Texting on a cellphone or mobile device
  • Paying too much attention to computers or “smart” devices
  • Simply being “lost in thought” while driving

Motorists injured in distracted driving accidents may be entitled to file for compensation from the truck drivers at fault for the incidents. If successful, these claims may result in financial awards for medical bills, out-of-pocket costs, and even lost wages during recovery.

Contact a Distracted Driving Lawyer

If you’ve been injured because of a distracted truck driver, there may be legal options available to pursue financial compensation for the costs involved with your injuries. To learn more about your rights and options after an injury on the road, please fill out the contact form at the top of this page.