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Driver killed in 18-wheeler fall from overhead road

The life of 44-year-old big rig driver James Marshall Warden was claimed in a deadly 18-wheeler crash where U.S. Route 183 intersects with MoPac in Austin, Texas, KXAN reported on November 11.

The northbound lanes at the intersection reopened at 8:10 a.m. after eight hours of closure in the accident’s wake. According to the Austin Police Department, Warden died instantly after the 18-wheeler he was driving fell from an elevated road above and erupted into flames.

Investigators are still attempting to definitively determine the cause of the accident, and all theories reveal the inherent dangers of 18-wheelers. The truck was hauling furniture; it is a possibility that the furniture shifted and, coupled with stronger winds on the elevated road, the massive vehicle may have been thrown off balance. It is not uncommon for drivers of these top-heavy vehicles to lose control for a variety of factors.

The attorneys of Williams Hart are deeply sorry this incident occurred and extend their sincere condolences to the friends and family grieving over this great loss.

Summersville truck collision kills two

A woman and child were killed in an accident four miles north of Summersville, Missouri on June 23, the Houston Herald reported.

A 1999 Ford Explorer pulling a trailer loaded with a salvage truck spun out of control on Highway 17, eventually colliding with an oncoming 2004 Freightliner tractor-trailer rig loaded with lumber, a report from the Missouri State Highway Patrol showed. The commercial truck drove off the road and the lumber spilled out from its secured position. Summersville resident Patsy Hebert, 62, and McKenzi Batchelor, 9, were both ejected from the Explorer and pronounced dead at the scene. Neither was wearing a seatbelt. Lacacia Batchelor, 10, and Michael Hebert, 36, were both injured and hospitalized.

Highway 17 was impassable to the public for several hours after the incident, and more police personnel were brought to the area to divert traffic.

The attorneys at Williams Hart are deeply sorry for this loss, and extend their sincere condolences to the friends and family affected during this difficult time.

Perryton child killed by truck while crossing the street

A young boy was hit by a truck and killed on the evening of May 22 around the 900 block of South Main Street, Amarillo Globe-News reported.

The boy, resident of Perryton, Texas, was pronounced dead at the scene. He was crossing Main Street when a 1-ton pickup truck with a 30-foot gooseneck trailer carrying oil field equipment hit him. According to Perryton Police Chief Tony Hill, there were other children crossing the road at the same time. So far, Hill said, the incident seems to be a tragic accident. However, the Texas Department of Public Safety will construct a recreation of the event and conduct a thorough investigation in order to fully understand what occurred.

The lawyers at Williams Hart send their deepest condolences to the friends and family suffering from this great loss.

Woman dies in truck-trailer collision in Austin

A 65-year-old woman identified as Rebecca Bishop died as a result of a car-truck collision on Sunday, January 12 in north Austin, Texas.

According to the Austin police, a semi-truck was in the process of backing its trailer into a commercial business parking lot along Burnet Road, thus blocking its southbound lanes, when Bishop’s Toyota Rav 4 collided with the trailer.

Police authorities found the sport utility vehicle lodged under the trailer. Bishop was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Aside from Bishop, no other individual was reported to have been hurt due to the incident.