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Bowie County truck collision kills one

One man was killed and a second sustained bodily injuries after a fiery collision of a pickup truck and a tanker truck in a construction zone on Highway 59 South in Bowie County, Texas at around 10 p.m. this past Sunday, November 1.

According to Texas Department of Public Safety officials, a pickup truck driven by Texarkana resident Billy Ray Howard pulled out from County Road 1379 into the path of the tanker truck operated by 52-year-old Robert Clemenson, who was driving along a stretch of Highway 59 that is currently under construction.

The impact caused the tanker truck, which was carrying copious amounts of fuel at the time, to roll over and burst into flames, instantly killing Clemenson.

Liberty Eylau Assistant Fire Chief Guy Lamon said “excavation will need to be done…everything will have to be dug out to remove all the fuel” which spilled into the wooded area near the highway during the collision.

Cement truck accident injures three

A cement truck and car collided in Montgomery County, resulting in the injuries of three people, KTRK reported on June 2.

The accident occurred in the westbound lanes of Highway 105; preliminary information gathered at the scene suggests that the cement truck driver ran a red light before hitting the car. The car was totaled in the crash.

One individual was transported to a medical facility by helicopter; this person sustained critical injuries from becoming trapped in the car after the accident. The other two people in the vehicle sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

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Houston truck crash prompts neighborhood evacuation

Residents of a north Houston neighborhood were forced to evacuate their homes on Monday, February 24 after a truck crashed into a ditch at the corner of Des Chaumes and Roland Street near U.S. Route 59. The truck was hauling potentially dangerous chemicals.

The Chief of the Houston Fire Department said that the tanker was carrying a significant amount of corrosive alkaline and could have ignited a fire if any other vehicles were involved in the accident.

Cleaning crews decontaminated the area to ensure that no one was harmed by the chemicals.

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