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Houston truck crash prompts neighborhood evacuation

Residents of a north Houston neighborhood were forced to evacuate their homes on Monday, February 24 after a truck crashed into a ditch at the corner of Des Chaumes and Roland Street near U.S. Route 59. The truck was hauling potentially dangerous chemicals.

The Chief of the Houston Fire Department said that the tanker was carrying a significant amount of corrosive alkaline and could have ignited a fire if any other vehicles were involved in the accident.

Cleaning crews decontaminated the area to ensure that no one was harmed by the chemicals.

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Tractor-trailer collision at SH 6 and CR 99 causes 1 to be injured

An accident occurred at the intersection of Farm-to-Market Road 6 and Country Road 99 in Texas on the morning of Thursday, January 23 between two trucks, one of which had a tractor-trailer.

A Nissan truck was heading south on CR 99, when its driver, identified as James Berendt, drove into traffic before the light turned green, causing a westbound truck on SH/FM 6, driven by Mario Gonzales, to crash into the Nissan. According to Corporal James Wright of the Department of Public Safety, Gonzales tried to swerve to avoid the other vehicle.

Berendt was then rushed to the Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center for treatment of his critical wounds. Gonzalez, on the other hand, did not suffer from any injuries due to the accident.

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I-40 truck accident injures two

Road traffic backup on Interstate 40 just before the Soncy exit caused cars to slow, leading to an accident between two semi-trucks that caused injuries to two people on October 9.

The accident occurred on the I-40 eastbound lane near Helium Road when one semi-truck hit another, closing both directions of the highway just west of Amarillo, Texas at around 3 p.m.

Both the driver and the passenger of the struck semi were transported to the hospital for immediate medical attention; one of them was airlifted by Lifestar.

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Several vehicular crashes on Texas 6 cause delays

A series of accidents caused congestion on Texas 6 Wednesday morning, September 25.

Bryan police said the first accident occurred at around 7:51 a.m. A northbound truck was merging onto the freeway just north of Briarcrest Drive when it rear-ended a vehicle stuck in stopped traffic buildup at the exit lane for Boonville Road.

The truck hit another vehicle before coming to a stop. This second accident occurred just south of Briarcrest Drive when the driver of a second vehicle rear-ended the truck involved in the initial accident.

A third accident occurred when one vehicle rear-ended another in the pile-up.

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