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Weight Restriction Violations

Roads across the United States are exposed to a wide range of weather and temperature. In order to keep the roads safe for drivers of all kinds, states often place weight restrictions on trucks. Weight restrictions limit the amount of stress placed on the road. Roads that are driven over constantly often develop potholes and other obstacles for drivers. When trucks carry too much weight, they put the roads and other drivers in danger.

If you have been in an accident caused by a truck that was heavier than the law allows in Texas, you may be eligible for compensation. In order to promote safe trucking practices, those who have been injured by over-weight trucks can take legal action against the parties responsible.

The Restrictions Outlined

The basic restrictions for the weight of trucks on Texas roads are as follows:

  • 80,000 pounds gross for legally licensed truck drivers
  • 20,000 pounds for single axle trucks
  • 34,000 pound limit for tandem axles
  • 42,000 pound limit for triple axles
  • 50,000 pound limit for quad axle

These limits help keep the roads safe for all Texans.

Consult a Weight Restriction Violations Attorney Today

If you have been injured in an accident by a truck carrying more than the legal limit, you may be eligible for compensation from the trucking company. The attorneys at Williams Hart are experienced in helping Texan drivers secure the compensation they deserve. Call 888-384-6376 today to speak with an attorney who cares about getting you back on the road safely.