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Unsafe Truck Driving in Inclement Weather

The weather can play a major role in road safety for all motorists, but truck drivers should treat adverse weather patterns with special care. Inclement conditions can drastically affect 18-wheelers and semi trucks, potentially causing serious maneuverability and control issues with trailers. If truck drivers fail to respond appropriately when driving during bad weather, they can endanger themselves as well as anyone else on or near the road.

Dangerous Driving Behavior in Bad Weather

A truck driver needs to take into consideration the numerous effects weather might have on his or her truck as well as the road. However, not all motorists act responsibly in inclement weather conditions, and truck drivers can commit the following dangerous errors:

  • Failing to slow down for rain- or ice-slicked roads or foggy, low-visibility areas
  • Failing to plan stops and turns based on wet, snowy, or icy roads
  • Driving without lights on in fog, rain, or snow
  • Failure to pay special attention to trailers during heavy winds

Truck drivers should go through hours of education and training so that they can respond appropriately during bad weather situations. However, if a driver fails to adjust to these road conditions, he or she could be held accountable for any ensuing accidents.

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