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Truck Blind Spots

The larger the vehicle is, the larger the driver’s blind spot is. However, this does not meant that accidents caused by big commercial vehicles aren’t preventable. Blind spot collisions can result in serious damage and devastating injury. While others on the road should be aware of the potential blind spots of large trucks and 18-wheelers, professional drivers should know how to mitigate this risk to effectively avoid an accident.

Sources of Blind Spot Accidents

Commercial trucks have large blind spots due to the size of the vehicle. Many preventable blind spot accidents are due to:

  • Improper location of mirrors
  • Failing to signal before shifting lanes
  • Failing to stop a proper distance away from traffic signals and crosswalks
  • Not adequately equipped; crossover mirrors can significantly reduce this kind of accident

While it is important for all drivers on the road to take precaution by not tailgating and by being sure to keep the truck’s mirrors in view, accidents still may occur due to an oversight on the part of the commercial driver.

Contact a Texas Truck Accident Lawyer for Help

If you’ve been the victim of a truck accident where a driver has disregarded his blind spot, you should not be held responsible. Truck drivers operating commercial vehicles are at a higher risk for causing significant damage and injury due to the sheer size of their truck. The Texas truck accident lawyers with Williams Hart are dedicated to holding negligent truck drivers responsible. Contact us by filling out the form at the top of this page.