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Truck Accidents Caused by Prescription Drug Use

A truck driver may undergo a procedure or begin treatment for a disorder that requires the use of certain prescription drugs. In these situations, drivers may need to avoid driving while using these drugs, as they may lead the driver to make a critical mistake and cause a truck accident. Truck drivers should recognize the dangers of using certain prescription drugs while driving, and should consult their doctor before getting back on the road. If they don’t take these precautions and cause an accident, they may be held accountable for their mistakes in a civil lawsuit.

Types of Prescription Drugs Commonly Linked to Truck Accidents

Truck drivers have a particularly strict responsibility to keep themselves sober and unaffected by even prescription medications. The following types of drugs may be especially dangerous for truck drivers:

  • Pain medication, such as valium or vicodin
  • Muscle relaxants
  • Anxiety-reduction drugs, including benzodiazepines
  • Insomnia medications

These drugs noticeably inhibit a person’s ability to focus on tasks, stay awake, and react to situations. For a truck driver, this kind of impairment may cause serious safety concerns on the road that could lead to a truck accident.

Learn More about Your Options after a Truck Accident

If you or someone you love has sustained an injury after a truck accident caused by an intoxicated driver, there may be legal options available to consider. A legal claim may be able to recover the costs associated with medical bills, out-of-pocket costs, and even wages lost during recovery. For more information about your options and the support available to you, please fill out the contact form at the top of this page.