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Truck Accidents Caused by Drugs and Alcohol

Drivers have a responsibility to add to the collective safety of the road by constantly remaining aware of their surroundings. Truck drivers have an added need for safety because any improper action made behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler has extra potential for devastation. Furthermore, any action a truck driver takes under the influence of drugs or alcohol while behind the wheel is inherently negligent. If a truck driver who is under the influence causes an accident, they may are responsible for any damages resulting from their negligent actions. In some cases, the trucking company that employs an impaired driver can face liability for damages of this sort.

What Makes the Trucking Company Responsible?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is an organization devoted to reducing accidents and roadway fatalities through education and regulation. This organization develops the regulations that govern the commitment of commercial drivers to safety. The FMCSA requires all supervisors to report any employee they suspect is using or abusing drugs or alcohol so the driver can undergo a drug-test. If an employer fails to comply with these regulations, the FMCSA can fine the employer. What’s more, if the employer’s oversight leads to an accident on the road and the accident causes death or injury, that trucking company may be held responsible. Drivers who are under the influence often fail to consider how their actions can lead to such impactful harm to others, and it is never excusable when that happens.

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Drugs and alcohol impair cognition and make it impossible for a driver to act in accordance with their responsibility to safety. If you or someone you know was injured in a truck accident where intoxicants played a factor, you could be entitled to recover some of your damages from the responsible party. To discuss your case with one of the experienced attorneys at Williams Hart, call (800) 220-9341 today.