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Tire Defects

Eighteen wheelers have a much greater number of tires for a reason: tires on commercial trucks experience an enormous amount of wear and tear over their lifetime and are far more prone to blowouts and other incidents than the tires in use on the average passenger vehicle. The damage done by these incidents is usually minimized by the stability provided by the multiple other tires in use, but in some situations a blowout can lead to a loss of control and a serious accident involving other vehicles sharing the road with the commercial truck.

Tire blowouts can usually be prevented with proper maintenance and care performed during the routine checks that commercial trucks are required to have. Unfortunately, when the parties responsible for performing these checks and maintenance work fail to adequately fulfill their duty, a defective tire can make it onto the road and fail suddenly, causing serious problems for the driver and other unsuspecting motorists on the road.

Causes of Blowouts

Tires are among the most important safety equipment on any vehicle, and any defect in their construction creates an enormous hazard. The following are a few common examples of tire problems which more commonly cause serious accidents and injuries:

  • Tire adhesion failure
  • De-treading
  • Design failures
  • Manufacturing defects

Any injury which occurs in an accident caused by a blowout can often be attributed to the manufacturer responsible for the faulty tire, or a driver or company that failed to ensure the tires on the truck were safe to drive on.

Get the Information You Need

Whether a tire is defective due to poor manufacturing and design or a maintenance issue, those injured in such accidents may be entitled to pursue compensation for their injuries. Find out more about taking such legal action and your rights when you’ve been harmed in a truck accident by filling out the form at the top of the page.