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Speeding Truck Driver Accidents

Over 700,000 tickets are issued to speeding commercial truck drivers every year. Speeding is a reckless driving behavior that is illegal for any type of commercial vehicle or driver to perform. The excessive use of speed is regulated by state and federal government through speed limit signs in order to decrease the risk of dangerous speeding accidents. Speeding can cause serious injury, such as concussions, broken bones, or even death. Truck drivers often choose to speed in order to meet deadlines or increase the potential for bonuses and rewards. The potential for serious injury increases when a commercial truck driver speeds because the size and weight of the vehicle is exceedingly larger than other drivers on the road.

Risks of Truck Speeding

Speeding can have a number of effects on the maneuvering capabilities of a vehicle and its driver. The most common malfunctions that can occur due to excessive speed include the following:

  • Loss of control of truck
  • Inability to turn or break
  • Decrease in ability to react to other vehicles
  • Skidding/hydroplaning

The size of a truck increases the risk of these driving errors occurring. The result of one of these instances can be devastating to the truck driver, other drivers on the road, and the cargo the trailer holds. Unfortunately, drivers that are involved in truck accidents often face expensive medical bills, lost wages, and serious costs to fix or recover their own vehicle.

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