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Safety Devices to Prevent Underride Accidents

Underride accidents occur when the front of a vehicle slides underneath the bottom of a trailer during a collision with an 18-wheeler or semi truck. As a result, the force of the collision occurs at the level of the windshield, potentially causing catastrophic injuries since most cars’ major safety features are located at the front of the vehicle rather than at windshield level. Certain safety devices can prevent this from happening, though. Therefore, truck drivers have a responsibility to implement mandatory safety devices to prevent underride accidents, and they have several optional measures that should also be utilized to protect others on the road.

Potential Causes of Truck Underride Accidents

Not all safety devices recommended for underride prevention are legally required. However, these devices, whether mandatory or not, should be maintained and kept in proper working order for the safety of other motorists. The following issues may be illegal as well as unsafe for others sharing the road:

  • Broken or missing rear underride guard bars, which are legally required
  • Missing or obscured high-visibility tape, which is also mandatory
  • Improperly installed rear underride guard bars
  • Broken visibility lights across the trailer
  • Missing side underride guard bars

Truck drivers are legally required to employ certain underride safety devices, which can drastically improve the potential outcome of any collision between a truck and a smaller vehicle.

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