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Preventing Loss of Evidence

Unlike accidents involving regular passenger vehicles, several factors specific to semi-truck accidents play a key role in the handling of these cases. Due to the nature of the industry, semi-truck companies and drivers are held to a higher standard and therefore subject to comply to a wide array of governmental and safety regulations. As a result, evidence suggesting any sort of negligence that led to an accident can help an individual’s case against a negligent truck company or driver.

Unfortunately, federal laws only require that certain forms of evidence be preserved and maintained for a specific amount of time. For this reason and others, it is important to work with an attorney as soon after your accident as possible for your best chance at proving negligence.

Common Forms of Evidence Subject to Loss

Many of the following data logs and documents may be subject to sanctions allowing them to be disposed of after a period of time:

  • Driver Logs and Records – Includes files detailing qualifications, training, inspection record, and post-collision drug and alcohol records
  • Vehicle Logs and Records – Includes onboard vehicle computer data, onboard communication and GPS data, maintenance history, and inspection history
  • Cargo Logs and Records – Includes weight logs, dispatch instructions, and delivery documents

These forms of evidence can help determine the activities that led up to and potentially contributed to an accident. These crucial forms of evidence can be preserved through a spoliation letter. Filed by an attorney, it notifies trucking companies that they must maintain and preserve all forms of evidence related to an accident.

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