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No-Zone Truck Accidents

There are over 250,000 truck accidents every year. Many of these accidents in Texas could be avoided if truck and smaller vehicle drivers were aware of the larger blind spots that large trucks have. Although all drivers should be aware of these blind spots, also known as no-zone areas, a truck driver is held to a higher responsibility to be sure that these spots are clear before switching lanes or making a turn.

A Truck’s No-Zone Areas

Certified truck drivers should be aware of their surroundings at all times. If a truck driver does not check their no-zone areas properly, it can cause a devastating accident that leads to immense injury, medical bills, and vehicle damage. The main no-zone areas that a truck driver should carefully check include:

  • A car’s length behind the truck
  • An area in front of the truck
  • A small area from the side-view mirrors to the front of the truck on the driver’s side
  • A large area from the side-view mirrors down the side of the right side of the truck
  • A marginal area on the back right-hand side of the truck

Although smaller vehicles have blind spots as well, blind spots on larger vehicles, semi-trailers, or 18-wheelers are significantly larger, making it even more important that drivers of these vehicles properly check them before entering them.

Taking Action after a No-Zone Accident

If you feel like a truck driver was negligent in checking their blind spots or no-zone areas, the truck driver may be liable for consequences of the accident. Fill out the contact form at the top of this page today to get more information and learn more about your options when you’ve been involved in such an accident.