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Negligent Hiring Practices

Suffering an injury in a traffic accident caused by a negligent truck driver is a traumatic and extremely dangerous experience, and the results of such an encounter can change the lives of the victims permanently. While the immediate response in such a situation is to seek compensation from the driver themselves, the unfortunate reality of the situation is that the assets and insurance of a truck driver are often far from sufficient to cover the extensive medical expenses and other losses a victim may have experienced.

Additionally, the negligence of a truck driver is often not the whole story in a serious trucking accident, as many of these drivers should never have been hired in the first place. Trucking companies are required to comply with certain hiring practices which are in place to ensure the competence and safety of their commercial fleet drivers, and if it can be shown that they have circumvented these guidelines in the interest of cutting costs, the companies themselves have directly contributed to the accident and may be held partially liable for damages.

Examples of Negligence in Hiring

In order to ensure that their staff is capable of safely driving and operating a commercial truck, trucking companies must take the following steps in the hiring process:

  • Ensure that the driver possesses a valid CDL
  • Perform a criminal background check
  • Obtain the results of a drug test
  • Investigate the driver’s record and history of accidents

By failing to take any of the steps listed above, a trucking company has willfully bypassed legal requirements in order to put more drivers on the road or lower their operating costs, and their negligence can easily contribute to a serious accident involving an injury or loss of life.

Get the Information You Need

If the negligence of a truck driver and the unsafe hiring practices of a trucking company have caused an injury to you or someone you love, it may be worth investigating the legal options that are available to you so that you can pursue the financial compensation you need to cover your accident-related losses. To learn more, fill out the contact form at the top of this page.