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Maintenance Deficiencies in Trucks

Trucking companies must adhere to strict maintenance standards regarding their rigs. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires that every motor carrier systematically inspect, repair, and maintain all motor vehicles subject to control. However, since there are many trucking companies that put varying demands on their equipment, a Periodic Maintenance Inspection (PMI) interval is operationally specific, rather than every 12 months. For example, trucks operating in off-road conditions might need to undergo inspections more frequently than a truck making trips on an interstate.

Common Maintenance Issues That Cause Accidents

If a truck is well maintained by its driver, it is less likely to have deficiencies in the system that could cause catastrophic trucking accidents. The most common issues that result from poor maintenance of a truck include:

  • Braking defects due to oil-contamination on brakes
  • Braking defects caused by brakes that are not aligned
  • Tire failure from under-inflated tires
  • Wheel separations caused by improperly installed or maintained wheels
  • Over worn steering system components

Truck drivers are responsible for keeping their trucks well-maintained so they are operating safely at all times. If a truck is not well-maintained and thus not safe, a truck driver is endangering other drivers on the road. If you’ve been involved in a trucking accident due to the trucking company’s negligence through the failure of adequate maintenance, you should not be left financially responsible for the damages that follow.

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer for Help

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