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Failure to Train Truck Drivers

Following an accident with an 18-wheeler, we often want to blame the truck driver for negligence or recklessness. Though sometimes the truck driver is the one at fault, other times the fault lies with the trucking company itself. For instance, the trucking company might have failed to properly train its truck drivers. This failure on behalf of the company implicates the company itself in your accident, and it might be that the company owes you financial compensation for your injuries, rather than an individual truck driver.

Dangers of the Failure to Train

A truck driver who has not been properly trained by a trucking company could be make dangerous mistakes while operating such a large vehicle on busy highways and roadways. Some of the dangers of the failure to train drivers include those who are unsure about any one of the following:

  • How to brake in an emergency
  • How to avoid overcorrecting small errors
  • Hours of service regulations
  • Statutory differences when driving
  • What to do next if involved in an accident

These are only some of the many dangers that an untrained or undertrained truck driver pose against innocent drivers like you. However, you do not have to face an injury or accident without any help.

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