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Computer and Electrical System Failures in Commercial Trucks

Large commercial trucks implement complex electrical and computer systems to provide drivers with greater control over these powerful vehicles. As such, failures or defects with these electrical and computer systems can seriously endanger truck drivers as well as motorists nearby because they may cause essential auto components to malfunction. These breakdowns can drastically affect a truck driver’s control over his or her vehicle, potentially leading to devastating accidents depending on the type of defect that occurs.

Dangers of Electrical / Computer System Malfunctions

Many of the auto systems once controlled mechanically or hydraulically are now powered by computer chips. These electrical systems are crucial for giving truck drivers with extra control over both the tractor and trailer, as well as for providing information about the current state of the vehicle at any given time. For instance, these systems can show advanced warnings about possible mechanical problems, allowing a driver to pull off the road and address these issues before an accident occurs.

However, should these electrical components malfunction, it can lead to the following hazards:

  • Loss of power steering and braking
  • Loss of acceleration control
  • Failures with gear shifting
  • Incorrect dashboard information
  • Disruption of connections between the tractor and trailer
  • Loss of headlights, turn signals, and warning lights on the trailer

These kinds of defects are dangerous and may lead to collisions. In these situations, the designer or manufacturer of the flawed electrical or computer part is often legally responsible for any resulting damages.

For More Information

If you or someone you love has been injured because of a malfunction in an 18-wheeler’s or semi truck’s electrical or computer systems, you may have several important concerns about your options. For answers to your questions, please fill out the contact form at the top of the page today.