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Causes of Truck Rollover Accidents

All drivers have a responsibility to drive within the limits of their vehicle. But given the added size and complexity of trucks, truck drivers need to be especially careful that they don’t cause a wreck. While accidents do happen, negligent behavior is never excusable, and nobody deserves to be stuck dealing with costs because another driver’s reckless behavior.

Common Causes of Truck Rollovers

In a study conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, researchers analyzed truck rollover accidents and discovered four major sources of rollover accidents.

The most common source of truck rollover accidents was found to be in failing to adjust the truck’s speed upon reaching a curve in the road. These speed-related rollovers usually occur at off-ramps and on-ramps, and can be affected by things like brake-condition, the type of load, and the road conditions surrounding the truck.

A second major cause of truck rollovers is attention-related. Truck drivers can be distracted by all sorts of things on the road, or may simply not be paying attention to upcoming curves or speed changes. If a truck driver is being negligent in this respect and causes an accident, anybody hurt in that accident could be eligible for compensation.

A third source of truck rollover accidents comes from improperly steering the truck. Here, a truck driver might oversteer and roll over when trying to correct a mistake, or not steer enough when approaching a curve. Depending on the circumstances, a truck driver may be held liable for any damages that their mistakes in steering cause.

A fourth major factor contributing to rollovers involves drivers not taking into account the proper dimensions of their load. Truck drivers can fail to understand how the height, weight, or stability of their load can affect the balance of the truck. Trucks tend to have a high center of gravity, which only compounds errors made by truck drivers. Here again, a truck driver or trucking company who neglects to take account of the nature of their load can be held responsible any for damages caused by their actions.

Contact a Truck Accident Attorney

Trucking accidents can have devastating impacts, and leave those involved with substantial medical bills, emotional trauma, or other immense difficulties. But it isn’t always clear whether it was just an accident or if someone is at fault. Sometimes, the blame lies with the trucking company rather than the driver. If you or somebody you know has been injured or suffered monetary loss in a truck accident, you might be able to recoup some or all of your losses by taking legal action.