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Accidents Involving Hazardous Materials

Truck drivers carrying hazardous materials need to be especially careful when handling this cargo on the highways. Accidents involving dangerous liquids or gases may drastically increase the possibility of serious injuries, as any containment breaches can endanger anyone around the accident at the time of the collision. In these situations, fault may rest on a variety of parties, from the truck driver to the person who secured the load on the truck.

Health and Safety Concerns with Hazardous Materials

Truck accidents involving hazardous materials may prove particularly serious due to the added element of danger involved with a spill or leak. Depending on what kind of particular liquid or gas is shipped, these materials may cause the following issues:

  • Increased risk of fire or explosion
  • Chemical burns for anyone in contact with the materials
  • Respiratory injuries due to inhalation
  • Toxicity concerns for anyone in direct contact with the materials

While the party responsible for the collision itself may be held liable for a person’s injuries, so too can the company shipping the materials. If that company didn’t inform the truck driver or trucking company about the nature of the materials they were carrying, that lack of information may contribute to accident-related injuries and may be grounds for a negligence claim.

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