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Accidents Caused by Tire Blowouts

On average, semi-trucks place around 75,000 pounds of weight on their tires. While the material that commercial trucking tires are made of is designed to be much more durable than standard tires, this constant pressure still causes a great deal of wear. When the immense pressure is joined by an imperfection in the tire, such as a puncture or tear, a blowout may occur and leave debris for another driver to try to avoid. The attorneys at Williams Hart have seen the damage that an 18-wheeler blowout can cause. We have assisted a number of individuals in seeking compensation for negligence that lead to blowouts and subsequent accidents, and we may be able to help you too.

Risks of Blowouts

If you have ever experienced a tire blowout on your own vehicle, you know how alarming they can be; blowouts that occur in commercial tires are amplified by the increased weight of the vehicle. When these tires blow, any of the following dangerous things could happen:

  • Other drivers are distracted by the loud noise of the blowout
  • Flying debris explodes outwards, towards other drivers near the truck
  • Depending on which tire blows, the truck driver could lose control of the vehicle
  • Cargo secures could fail, causing cargo to fly out of the back of the truck onto the road

The dangers associated with major tire blowouts in commercial trucks are severe, and risk the lives of every other individual on the road at the time. These malfunctions are often caused by negligence on some level, and could be avoided.

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